New Year 2022

The offer for the New Year

Mimimum 3 nights, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners, one of which is festive!

The December 31 dinner includes:

• Shopska salad ;

• Chicken with rice or moussaka;

• Baklava;

The gala dinner is on 31 December and includes:

• Combined salad Mountain (Russian, snowflake, roasted peppers and a plate of cheese);

• Plateau with Rhodope appetizers (wedge, patatnik, sarmichki, dry appetizers and nuts mix);

• Main course (combination of marinated tender chicken and tender pork tenderloin on a canapé of home-made mashed potatoes with pieces of leeks and carrots with butter, garnished with mountain thyme);

• Mountain Cake;

• Mineral water (330 ml);

• Soft drink (250ml);

• Whiskey, vodka or brandy (100 g);

• Glass of red or white wine;

• Lucky cake.

• Program with DJ.

The January 1 dinner includes:

• Lettuce ;

• Pork neck with stewed potatoes;

• Fruits;

The offer also includes:

• Sauna;
• Steam bath;
• Relax area.