Our Rooms

Stay in one of our elegant rooms in Alpine style - a combination of wood and bright colors that surround you in comfort and warm atmosphere. Proceed to the terrace and feel the magic of the mountains. Relax and indulge of your dreams.
Suite 2 bedrooms
А panoramic apartment with stunning views of the proud and majestic Rhodope Mountains is аt your disposal. You can enjoy of morning coffee on the terrace where fresh air will capture you. Dive into a new dimension of enjoyment, where reign peace, comfort and serene beauty. The mountain is ancient, majestic, welcoming and friendly, and the sun awakes you in the morning, stroking you with the first rays. While you hold your tired breath evening on the terrace, the evening breeze blowing kindly in order to remind you that you are in the mountains and enchanting song murmur of the river lulls you, whispering tales of fairies ... Embrace this temptation.
Double Deluxe
Escape from the hustle of the big city! Immerse yourself in the comfort of a Deluxe Room overlooking the city and the beauty of the valleys of Devin. Rooms are comfortable, designed in Alpine style - a combination of wood and light colors envelops you with comfort and warm atmosphere. Discover and enjoy the most remarkable and ancient Thracian resort in Bulgaria, while admiring the mountain caves, nature trails, gorges and the whole of nature.
Double room
Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort and feel the magic and comfort of the Rhodope Mountains! Enjoy the breathtaking view from the balcony of your room and contemplate at will. Now, here your dreams become reality!

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